Great Adventures Learning Center, Huntington Beach, CA - Tel: 714-847-0844

7945 Aldrich Drive
Huntington Beach, CA 92647

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7945 Aldrich Drive
Huntington Beach, CA  92647

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Great Adventures Learning Center is located in beautiful Huntington Beach, California.

7945 Aldrich Drive
Huntington Beach
California 92647

Tel:  714-847-0844

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About Great Adventures Learning Center, Huntington Beach, CA

Since 1988, Great Adventures Learning Center has been providing the highest quality day care services to families throughout Huntington Beach, Fountain Valley and Westminster areas.  We’re committed to providing each and every child with a safe, loving environment and care that meets their unique needs.

Preschooler at Great Adventures Learning CenterAlthough there is no substitute for the bond between a child and his or her parent, day care can provide benefits your child can only gain from interactions with adults and other children outside the home.  The attention we provide each child helps build independence, trust and social skills that only come through exposure to those outside their immediate family.

The bonds your child builds during their time with us will help them adapt to changes in their environment as they enter public or private school and the cognitive skills they develop will help them excel throughout their academic career. 

For toddlers and preschoolers, Great Adventures Learning Center provides a safe, supportive environment that promotes healthy, happy growth.

Our Philosophy

Preschoolers at Great Adventures Learning CenterGreat Adventures Learning Center holds to the philosophy that all facets of a child's personality (social, intellectual, spiritual, physical and emotional) are inter-related, and school must provide the opportunity for the natural unfolding of the mind, personality and capacities of the child.

Individualized attention and program development are keynote in a wholesome atmosphere of happiness, love, acceptance, encouragement and freedom WITH GUIDANCE. The prepared environment equips the child with knowledge and skills that serve as tools by which he may utilize, control and express his individuality in fields of his choice.

Our goal is to raise performance thinkers, not spectators which must constantly be entertained from without or mere echoes of the adults which surround them. We esteem both accumulated knowledge and creative expression through a variety of unique experiences in all curriculum areas as we teach them to see in full color, hear in full tone, and sense at the optimum with their organs of smell, taste, touch, rhythmic, kinesthetic (weight & motion), thermal (temperature) and organic sensation (self esteem, internal/emotions). We want them to observe and experience life to the fullest and reach their own "Creative Heights"!

Preschoolers at Great Adventures Learning CenterA Child's Work is Play

Great Adventures Learning Center offers children a learning environment through "hands on" activities and creative play. Each classroom is designed in an age appropriate "interest center" setting to allow a child to grow in all areas of development.

Structured curriculum is introduced to the children through Creative Art, Music, Science Experience, Language Development, Dramatic Play, Small and Large Motor Activities, and Social Interaction daily. We also offer pre-kindergarten class a pre-reading and math program.  

Please visit our program page for more information about our curriculum and our calendar contains information about our monthly themes.

Our Staff 

Our staff has been carefully selected for their educational background in early childhood as well as their warmth, patience and high moral values. All staff participates in an orientation program as well as monthly staff meeting and are encouraged to participate in professional pre-school associations in order to keep their skills and knowledge current.

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