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7945 Aldrich Drive
Huntington Beach, CA 92647

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7945 Aldrich Drive
Huntington Beach, CA  92647

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Great Adventures Learning Center is located in beautiful Huntington Beach, California.

7945 Aldrich Drive
Huntington Beach
California 92647

Tel:  714-847-0844

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Admission Information at Great Adventures Learning Center

Admission and Registration
Before your child enters Great Adventures Learning Center it will be necessary to fill out the required health and enrollment forms. A director/parent interview will be arranged before admittance to exchange information relative to the child’s well being. Please keep us up to date on any changes in pertinent information such as telephone numbers, addresses, and employment.

Registration Fee
A $75.00 registration fee is due upon enrollment into our program. This fee is non-refundable once your application has been processed by the office.

Tuition and Time
Weekly fees are due in advance by each Wednesday.

Due to the costs involved in reprocessing returned checks, we automatically charge the parent’s account $25.00 when a check is returned to us.

Late charges of $5.00 for each fifteen minutes, or part thereof, will be charged if the parent arrives after scheduled closing time.

For your convenience our operating hours are 6am-6pm and are posted
For the well being of each child we ask that children do not exceed 10 ½ hours per day.

Health Policies
The California Department of Social Services, our licensing agency, requires that all children complete a physicians’ report prior to enrollment. A daily health evaluation will be made by our staff of each child in order To protect others from unnecessary exposure to common childhood illnesses. We ask that you keep your child home when there is a sign of:


If your child develops any sign of illness, he will be temporarily isolated until he can be taken home. This isolation is only to allow you time to arrange for his pickup. Please do not ask us to isolate a child in any way due to illness. If a child cannot participate in the normal school routine, he should not be in school. Should an accident or emergency occur we will notify you, or your family physician if failure to reach you occurs. When necessary the child will be taken to the nearest hospital via a paramedic transport.

Prior to administering any medication by our staff, a medication permit must be completed. All medications must be prescribed by a physician and in the original container with the pharmaceutical label specifying the child’s name and prescribed dosage.

Readmittance Following Illness
For the protection of all children we ask that parents keep their child out of school for a 24-hour period following illness. The director or authorized person must re-admit the child.

Tuition is based on a reservation schedule, thus regular tuition is charged for all absences including illness. However, in the event of prolonged illness, there is ½ charge for absences in excess of one week.

The school will be closed for the following holidays:

· New Year’s Day
· Presidents’ Day
· Memorial Day
· Fourth of July
· Labor Day
· Thanksgiving Day/following Friday
· Christmas Eve/Christmas Day
· New Year’s Eve

During the weeks that these holidays fall, the regular weekly fee will apply.

Clothing and Personal Items
All clothing must be marked inside clearly (water resistant marker) with child’s last name. Each child is required to keep an extra set of clothing in his “cubbie” for emergency “accident” times. Parents must supply a blanket for nap times and launder it as needed.

Lunches and Snacks
A nutritious snack will be provided twice daily, mid-morning and following our rest period.
Each child needs to bring a nutritious sack lunch, which is clearly marked with his/her name. We will provide fresh milk daily with the meal. To insure against spoilage, we ask that YOU place any necessary items in our refrigerator.

Fire Drills
Fire drills and evacuation procedures are practiced routinely.

Rest Time
All children are required to have a regular rest time each afternoon. We feel this is essential to each child’s health and enjoyment derived from full participation in school activities.

We are required by law to report all signs of corporal punishment to DPSS, and our discipline procedures are strictly “positive reinforcement” techniques.

Arrival and Departure
For the safety of your child, he or she must be signed in and out daily on the attendance record. Written approval is absolutely necessary for a child to leave the school with any person other than his or her parent.

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