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7945 Aldrich Drive
Huntington Beach, CA 92647

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7945 Aldrich Drive
Huntington Beach, CA  92647

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Great Adventures Learning Center is located in beautiful Huntington Beach, California.

7945 Aldrich Drive
Huntington Beach
California 92647

Tel:  714-847-0844

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Frequently Asked Questions

What ages do you accept at Great Adventures Learning Center?
GALC is licensed through the Department of Social Services, Child Care Licensing. Our preschool holds two licenses- Our toddler option license allows us to accept children 18 months to 30 months, and our preschool license allows us to accept children 2 years to 5 years.

What is your teacher-child ratio?
State Licensing allows all preschoolers, 2-5 years, to be at a 12 child to 1 adult ratio and that toddlers 18-30 months to be at a 6 child to 1 adult ratio, so that is the "right" answer you would get in an inquiry in any licensed preschool or day care. At GALC our standards involve much more than meeting minimum Licensing requirements, and we commonly do better than this minimum ratio.  Small group lessons and even one-on-one attention is available to our students throughout the day.

What are your hours of Operation?
GALC is open Monday through Friday. 6:30AM to 6:00PM. Children are not allowed to exceed 10 ½ hours per day.

Does my child have to attend GALC full time?
We offer full time, part time and half day schedules.

How long has Great Adventures Learning Center been in business?
GALC has been serving families since 1988 and the same Administrator has been teaching in Southern California for nearly 30 years.

What are your staff's qualifications?
Well beyond the six units in Early Childhood Education that State Licensing requires to qualify as a “teacher." GALC teachers have advanced college degrees in Early Childhood Development and years of experience. They excel in patience and kindness, which are prime requisites for working with children. In addition to their specialties, all staff keep current in CPR/ First Aid and Disaster preparedness.

How frequent is Staff "turn-over"?
Staff turn-over at GALC is rare. Many of our staff has been with us from five to fifteen years. This is a reflection of the Administrator's commitment to high-quality Early Education, and her firm belief shared with GALC Staff that helping children get the best possible start in life is not only a privilege but also the most important job on the planet.

How does your tuition compare with other local preschools?
GALC is a year round program. We charge an annual registration fee based on your child’s start date. Our registration fee is much lower than most preschools. Our tuition is low compared to other quality private preschools, while providing a number of features that other schools charge extra for, or simply do not offer.

How large is your school site and how many classrooms does it have?
GALC has two “park-like” fully fenced play yards. Each landscaped play area is age appropriately equipped for running, climbing, swinging, and other large motor and creative activities. GALC is a four-classroom schoolhouse with a shared Dramatic play Room, Large motor Room, and Children’s Garden. GALC has lots of room for the friendly, close-knit community atmosphere that most of our families cherish. By comparison to larger facilities, our small preschool offers many more learning spaces, all with a warm, cozy feel.

What is unique or special about your school?
GALC focuses not only on social and emotional skills, child development, and academics, but on children's passionate interests. When a child is capable, and encouraged to question and explore ideas and make connections, wonderful things happen. Our children love whatever they do! With the help of trained staff and involved parents, children who attend GALC achieve results that are often quite exemplary. We generally find these children to be self-motivated learners, well-prepared with a sturdy foundation in academics and problem-solving skills. Young people who are a credit to their families and their community. If you are interested in what GALC parents especially appreciate about our school, you may want to read our reviews posted on These reviews are significant statements about the value our families feel they have received at GALC. Family referral cards are also available on you school tour.

What is your approach to discipline?
Much of the "discipline" at GALC is actually built into the design of our child-friendly environment. With the gentle flow of the school day, and the authentic respect for the children's needs modeled by the staff, all serve to dissolve much of the need for what tends to be called "discipline." When behavior is understood as information about what has been learned and believed, it is quite natural to respond to children's challenging behavior as opportunities for them to begin learning alternative ways of handling conflict and developing more effective communication skills.

Do you provide food?
Parents can send sack lunches or purchase lunch for their child on M, W, and F. On T, and TH, all children need to bring a sack lunch. We gladly heat (microwave) and/or refrigerate them as needed, to support families in providing well-balanced, nutritional midday meals for their children, while respecting individualized needs and cultural preferences. Three nutritious snacks are served with 1% milk or 100% fruit juice to assure that all children have ample opportunity to meet their nutritional needs. Snack times are morning, afternoon, and mid-evening.

How do I determine that Great Adventures Learning Center is right for my child?
We offer several guidelines: first of all, come for a visit with your child to see for yourself what we have to offer. Observe your child's response to the environment. Join him or her in our activities; have a chat together with our pets-“Pom-Pom” the guinea pig, “Leo”- the gecko lizard, “Fred”- the Russian tortoise, and “Sammy”- the tree frog. Tour the GALC classrooms and talk with our staff. Discuss with us what you are looking for in a school for your child, in the long-term. Get your questions and concerns answered, regarding your child's and your family's needs. Let us help you make an informed decision about a very important commitment; one which we believe – based on years of feedback from our families – is going to have a lifelong effect on how your child feels about school, about learning, and about life.

Would I be allowed to observe a class in session?
Yes, you will be able to observe our classrooms in session, once we have met with you for a Tour of our facility. We encourage both parents and child to visit, observe and participate.

What are your enrollment procedures and policies?
After having browsed our website, you may call to answer any questions that you may still have. We have an “open door” policy for school tours or you can call and make an appointment for your child and both parents (if possible) to tour GALC with the director.

How do I go about enrolling my child?
At the end of your school tour, we can discuss your best course of action. You may choose to place a deposit (registration fee) and take home the enrollment packet to complete. Your child may enroll any time during the year, as long as there is space available. A child is not officially enrolled in GALC until the registration fee received. We also have the option to decline enrollment for a child, if it is determined by our staff or physician that our environment is unlikely to be able to meet that child's needs.

What should I do if my child is still too young or not yet ready to start in your program?
You may secure your child’s space by placing a deposit (registration fee) and completing the enrollment packet. This allows GALC to save your child's space for your planned start date. We look forward to having you as a part of our growing GALC family.

How would you keep me informed of my child's progress?
GALC provides several avenues of communication for keeping abreast of your child's progress. Informal daily communication between staff members and parents. A daily progress report can be completed upon a parent’s request. Parents may arrange for a Formal parent-teacher conference at any time. Observation of your child's class is another option. Parents are always welcome to call our preschool at anytime.

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