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7945 Aldrich Drive
Huntington Beach, CA 92647

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7945 Aldrich Drive
Huntington Beach, CA  92647

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Our Philosophy

Great Adventures Learning Center offers children a learning environment through “hands on” activities and creative play. Each classroom is designed in an age appropriate “interest center” setting to allow a child to grow in all areas of development.

Structured curriculum is introduced to the children through creative art, music, science experiences, language development, dramatic play, small and large motor activities, and social interaction daily. We also offer our pre-kindergarten class a pre-reading and math program.
“A child’s work is play.”

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Great Adventures Learning Center is located in beautiful Huntington Beach, California.

7945 Aldrich Drive
Huntington Beach
California 92647

Tel:  714-847-0844

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Intellectual  -  Physical  -  Social

Language ArtsINTELLECTUAL and PHYSICAL are developed as children actively participate in “hands-on” learning. A maverick curriculum and daily circle time (calendar, shapes, seasons, abc’s, counting, listening skills, books, singing) expose children in a group “fun” learning cooperative situation to music, dance, creative movement, art literature, science, pre-math, pre-reading, dramatic play, language development, small muscle “manipulatives” development, large muscle outdoor skills and games featuring emphasis on teaching to both hemispheres of the brain (left/right) for complete integration of information.

Through inductive teaching, using only the finest educational materials and toys, we lead children onto conclusions that they “realize not memorize”  (Montessori materials in a Piagetian based “interest center” program.)

SOCIAL development begins as children are guided to become aware of others and to respect their rights. These skills are developed as children are helped to understand that others have needs and wishes. Taking turns, sharing, leading and following, gaining patience, assuming responsibility, using language for problem solving and cooperative play are all new experiences and part of social growth. These incorporate into an environment that is consistent and warm so they can develop a basic trust and move toward independence. Special attention is given to make certain our children receive lots of loving care they so greatly need at this early age. “Play is the child’s work”.

Practical Life
Practical life activities teach the child to care about and respect himself and his environment. Exercises designed to develop large and small muscle coordination along with eye-hand coordination also improve his manipulative powers.

Math ConceptsMath Concepts
Math concepts are designed to give a concrete and visual approach to number learning. Through the use of a variety of materials, children learn to associate the written symbol with the quantity it represents.

Language Arts
Language arts helps a child develop the skills needed to match, sort, and form patterns. Each exercise is presented in sequential order. Phonic, letter sounds, is the basis for a reading program easily mastered by many preschoolers.

Sensorial activities provide the means for each child to sharpen his ability to observe the differences and similarities in what he sees, hears, feels, tastes, and smells.

Science experiences allow the child the opportunity to discover and be aware of the new wonders around him and perceive relationships which exist within his natural and man-made environment. Through planned and spontaneous happenings, the child can develop new ways to cope with his environment.

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